Meet Blumentritt A-Team


A-TEAM is composed of dynamic people that aims to succeed in health, wealth and total well being. They were the first batch of STP held in Blumentritt branch. The group started as classmates, just seeking to know more about the products and how best we can explain them to our consumers. However, as the graduation is fast approaching, we realized we have formed a family. Each one aiming good for one another and for the franchise. We are glued together like Co-Collagen do to our muscles! From there on ... the team was formed, aiming to excel and to become the best franchise in Edmark!

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Pioneer A-TEAM of Blumentritt!

Below picture is taken during the NC rally held at the franchise last February 20, 2011 with added member of A-Team.

Joy and Manylin with Senior Crown Manager Ms. Amalia Boaquina

Manylin and Joy with Crown Manager and Mentor Mr. Edgar Magbanua

 Joy and Manylin with Ever Dynamic Edmark President Mr. Joey Orquia

 Manylin and Joy with Manager and Mentor Mr. Jojo Butial Jr.

Joy and Manilyn with Edmark Speaker, Trainor and Consultant Mr.Dennis Evangelista