How to Join Edmark

How to Join Edmark - How to become Edmark Distributor / Member - How Much is the Edmark Registration - How to do Online Registration

Why Join Edmark?

1. You will automatically be entitled to a distributors price plus you can avail product promo example Buy 1, Get 1 free. If you intend buying and using the product regularly you can be a member and can get access to our products without any need to look for Edmark distributor and you buy the product to any outlet/branches and online. You don't need to to the business.

2. Do Edmark Business -  You can offer the product at a retail price and invite others to join the business opportunity. You are also entitled to the 9 great bonuses included in Edmark's Marketing Plan, such as Manager's bonus, Travelling Fund, Car Fund and House Fund Bonuses. 

Edmark Registration Fee

Registration fee varies depending on the country currency. Here in the Philippines, we have 2 types of registration, 1st is for Philippine membership and the 2nd one if you wanted to do your business internationally you have to register for an international account. However, registration is easy, all you have to do is to check this link for your local outlet nearest to your place and do the registration there.

For the registration kit here in the Philippines, we encourage you to avail the P4 Plus Healthy & Slimming Kit - P 4,400.00 because you get the kit at 50% off.

What's in The Package?

P4 Kit Plus - includes 1 box of Shake-Off PhytoFiber, 1-500ml bottle of Splina Liquid Chlorophyll, 1 box Meal Replacement Therapy (MRT), 1 box Ginseng Coffee, 1 Box Red Yeast Coffee, 1-250ml Splina Liquid Chlorophyll, 1 Shaker, 1 business bag with product brochures and business manuals. Plus 1 bottle of Spirulina Tablet.

Note: if you can't afford the registration fee yet, you can buy the products at the retail price now and plan towards the registration.

How to Become an Edmark Distributor?

There are two ways to become an Edmark distributor, you can do offline/manual  or online registration, however, online registration is limited as of the moment to 3 countries only namely:

- Philippines

- Nigeria
- South Africa

If you live in any countries above, you can do the online registration. Below are the steps on how you can registration online and offline.

If you are here in the Philippines, our Franchise address is at:


223K Gold St. corner Gen. Luis, Novaliches, Quezon City
Landline: 332-6285; 806-4128
Globe: 0905-2423853

Smart: 0918-5508193

Registration Through Online

Online registration is available on this link:

If you are in the Philippines  --

If in Nigeria and South Africa -- 


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