Outstanding NC Rally at Edmark Blumentritt !!

Saturday, February 26, 2011
Outstanding NC Rally at Edmark Blumentritt !!

Feb 13, 2011 was a great Sunday for everyone at Blumentritt Branch. We held our NC Rally and MDR on the day. Our powerful Speaker, Mr. Jojo Butial Jr. did the MDR presentation that left our guests amazed with what our product can do to their health.

After the MDR presentation, Edmark President Mr. Joey Orquia shared a very inspirational talk. So wonderful that I was so eager to put it here in our blog. The  2 powerful mindset was taken from the book of Regina Brett entitled "45 Lessons Life Taught Me"  ..

#39 - Go Out! Go get outside, miracle are waiting everywhere"
#43 - No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up!

For us Edmarkers, we have to tell  ourselves that being a networker we have to have a positive outlook in life. We are a plan setter and a goal achiever.

February 20, is the last day of our NC Rally for Blumentritt Branch. We are so happy with the outcome since our conference room is full of attendees! We are also privilege that one of our International Edmarker from Nigeria Emerald Manager Abubakar Danjuma Mohammed gave a very inspiring talk. He believed that Edmark product is a God given gift to help heal the sick and for us to have a healthy body. And that can be proven from lots of people that uses the product in their country. We share his belief because truly our product do wonders to those who try and use it. 

After the wonderful sharing of Mr. Danjuma, we enjoyed a "mini concert" given by our President Joey Urquia. Who could ask for more? To give you a glimpse of our event last Tuesday, please enjoy the video.


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