Obesity links to Gastrointestinal Diseases Alarming Problem in UAE

Friday, November 30, 2012
Obesity links to Gastrointestinal Diseases Alarming Problem in UAE and the Middle East.


According to the latest edition of KABAYAN WEEKLY Healthcare issue date, Nov 29-Dec 5, 2012, OBESITY conditions are linked to a host of medical issues including those related to gastroenterology.

In the wake of the recent World Health Organization figure showing that 67% of Emirati men and 72% of Emirati women are overweight, not to mention the other nationalities presently working here in these countries where food is very affordable, leaving it to some that eating too much becomes a habit. Obesity has been recognized as a serious health issue in the UAE and the Middle East.

Be aware of our health, it is always good to have a healthy way of living. Through proper diet, choosing the healthy and nutritious food plus an exercise, anyone can enjoy a long and free from disease life!

For your gastrointestinal problem and to prevent obesity and colon cancer, we introduce a very effective superior colon cleansing health drink made from all natural ingredients that sweep and flushes out all the toxins from our colons, leaving it clean and healthy.

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Thanks to KABAYAN HEALTH CARE for health news update.

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