Edmark Roxas Movers Open to Serve !

Thursday, August 27, 2015
It is our great pride to welcome the new family of Edmark Nova-Blum Franchise Family - congratulation to Edmark Roxas Movers! 

Edmark Roxas Movers officially opens last August 8, 2015 and is owned and managed by  the powerful couple Sapphire Manager Ryan and Chariselle Ann Gabunilas. Now, Edmark products- the best food supplement is now available for their kababayans to purchase.  The outlet is located in Morente Avenue, Bagumbayan Roxas Oriental Mindoro. You can contact them at mobile number/s 0915-1436850, 0920-6797960 and 0943-5540749 or email them at edmark.roxas@gmail.com for your purchases and inquiries.

The event started with a motorcade at 8:30 am followed by a program hosted by Ms. Brea, one of the very talented Edmark Marketing Eagles together with Edmark Franchise Manager Ms. LJ Mauricio. There were also some testimonials from our distributors who shared the wonders of Edmark products in the healing of their disease such as stage 3 breast cancer, prostate problem and post-stroke patient to mention a few.  There is also an awarding of Top 10 distributors foe the month of June 2015, they all received a wonderful mug.

After the program, special guests Capt. Melchor Gabunilas and SCM Amalia Boaquina did the ribbon cutting, followed by wine toasting.  

The team of Nova-Blum Franchise headed by ever supported and amazing couple Senior Crown Manager Marcelo & Amalia Boaquina joined in the grand opening day. Crown Manager Jojo Butial Jr, help assist in the overall program and gave free iridology check up to the guests and clients.

Below are some of the pictures taken during the event.




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