Edmark Blumentritt A-Team and Edmark Leaders Meet Edmark CEO Mr. Sam Low

Tuesday, March 8, 2011
Edmark Blumentritt A-Team and Edmark Leaders Meet Edmark CEO Mr. Sam Low

It was March 4, 2011, a day before Edmark's 7th Annual Convention, that our CEO Mr. Sam Low held a meeting with the Leaders, Crown Managers and Franchisee at Edmark's main building in Cubao.

The Blumentritt A-Team together with Franchise owner Mr. Marcelo and Mrs. Amalia Boaquina was so fortunate to have attended the said meeting. The conference room was filled with vigorous and happy Edmarkers. The program started with a raffle draw for all the attendees and Blumentritt was able to get a prize! Afterwards, Double Crown Managers Dr. Kenneth Lupamas and Ms. Irma Lazo shared their secret of how them become successful doing Edmark business that makes everyone even more determined to push through with our dreams. It was also the birthday of one of the great motivational speaker and Training Consultant of Edmark International Mr. Dennis Evangelista.

Our CEO Mr. Sam Low provide the best example of what is Edmark all about - Everything about Edmark is LOVE. He told us that Edmark taught him to know the deeper meaning of love, how to improved himself more and how to be the best leader for us. The Chairman is so funny, down to earth and very respectable.

Mr. Sam Low - Edmark's CEO during his speech, "Love is the reason"

Edmark's Crown Managers and Franchise owner together with CEO Mr. Sam Low

Ms. Manilyn Taray and Ms. Joy Robosa finally gets their dream of getting a picture with the Chairman .. (hahaha, galing!)

Senior Crown Manager and owner of Blumentritt Franchise Ms. Amalia Boaquina, winner of Nokia Cellphone during the raffle draw 


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This day was really worth attending for!
picture taking with the big personalities of EDMARK INTERNATIONAL...;)


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