Outstanding Leaders in Edmark Blumentritt Franchise

Tuesday, March 15, 2011
Outstanding Leaders in Edmark Blumentritt Franchise

Senior Crown Manager Mr. Marcelo and Mrs. Amalia Boaquiña is truly a model of the word teamwork. Once a married couple works together in one endeavor, everything can be achieved and success is really unstoppable!  The success story how Edmark Blumentritt Franchise evolved was shared to me by Mrs. Boaquiña one night as we where driving home using their new Toyota Grandia, a car fund bonus awarded to them by Edmark International. 

It started with the longing to find an answer to Mr. Boaquiña's stomach acidity. A friend of her, Ms. Brenda Mendoza, suggested to use Edmark's Liquid Chlorophyll Splina and truly enough it did help heal balance the alkaline-acid in Mr. Jun's body. Mrs. Boaquiña, at first join Edmark, just for the personal benefit it has rewarded her. Since she joined the company, it gives her freedom to go outside and meet other people. It helps her evolve and realize here full potential as a person and as a business enterprenuer. Through the support of all her family, Blumentritt Franchise did very well in selling Edmark product thus the outstanding couple was featured in focus magazine year 2005. They were also given their first car - an Everest   Ford.
However in every story, sad times do occur at one point in Blumentritt's franchise. Mis-understanding happened that makes the franchise inactive in the Edmark business eventually leads to drop in sales. But just like Mrs. Boaquiña's belief, there is always room for second chance. After patching things with the Edmark's management, they once again became active and this time the "duo" formed a team that will make the franchise claim again the throne it once and always held.. The Best Franchise of Edmark in the Philippines. It was also this time that Mrs. Amalia realized the true reason why she joined Edmark, it  is to help other people succeed in life as well, the way Edmark did for their family. It did became a mission to her, to make her team see the meaning of financial freedom and share the pleasure of what giving really means. I am so grateful, I am part of the Blumentritt A-Team group. Being with these people encourage me more to do better, aim better and be the best! 

Furthermore, as another bonus to couple's hard work, perseverance and outstanding leadership.. they were given a brand new car just this February 2011 - a brand new TOYOTA GRANDIA. 

A very inspiring message that I heard from Mr. Jun Boaquiña, is that in everything you do as long as you maintain your integrity, a good reputation and being fair to all your transaction to anyone can always lead you to success. And there is no question about that .. Boaquiña's name had always been given a highest respect from their friends, colleague and business partners!




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